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Portland Music Love Affair

Posted on February 25, 2010 with 1 comment

Valentine's Day was an eye opener for me. The holiday itself is usually a non event as far as I am concerned (even though I am a hopeless romantic:-) but, this year, it just happened to be the day that about 30 or so Portland musicians and songwriters got together and volunteered their time and talents to support Artichoke Music (the music store) and Artichoke Backgate Stage (the performance venue behind the store). The event was called Give your Heart to Artichoke. And so we did. 

I never cease to be amazed how vibrant, diverse, inclusive and supportive the music community is in this town. Both the musicians and the audiences give their all to support the scene here. That doesn't happen everywhere and we are blessed to have that kind of community here in Portland. 

Another example of this is the new radio station KZME.FM scheduled to begin broadcasting this year.  KZME will feature only local/regional music. Imagine a station that plays only the music created in your community! Their slogan is "Music where you Live". We will be doing a benefit in support of this organization March 6 at The Flying Cat (see our calendar for more info)

If you value the music scene in Portland please support organizations like Artichoke Music and KZME. If you know of other non profit music organizations that need our support, please share them with us and ARTB fans by leaving a comment on this blog. Thanks --a


February 28, 2010

Don'y forget KMHD and KBOO! They play a lot of local music too. Always have.