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Alexander's Real Time Band: Music/Video


(Alan Alexander III)
A geo-political reggae tune. Alan sings and performs all instruments (acoustic guitar, keyboards, drum programming). Now available (in CD or MP3 format) on CD Baby, iTunes,, Groupietunes, Rhapsody, Napster or your favorite online music store.
(music and lyrics by Alan Alexander III)
the king says prepare for the battle
he practice with his horse and his shield
and soon he hears the trumpet blowing
so he rides into the killing field
she wait in the village for her husband
she’s praying for a victory
but the baby in her belly is crying bitter tears
for the father he’ll never see

why you wanna fuss and fight?
gun fire through the night
listen to the babies cry
put down your gun
and look your bother in the eye

they’re living for the revolution
they say it’s gonna set them free
so they storm on the house of the rulers
and they kill everyone that they see
they though that their troubles would be over
they’re dancing in the streets with glee
until the fat general declared himself king
and gave the power to the military


she put away the welfare ticket
she’s working seven days of the week
she looks into the kitchen cupboard
and she wonders how her children will eat
he study for his graduation
he knows he’s going to find him a job
he’s looking all around but still they put him down
so he turned around and joined the mob