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Alexander's Real Time Band: Music/Video

Sweet Forgiveness (studio single)

(Alexander's Real Time Band)
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Whit Draper: electric guitar
Sarah Linderman: cajon drum, cymbals, harmony vocals
Susan Peck: electric piano, harmony vocals
Alan Alexander III: organ, fretless bass, lead vocals

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Sweet Forgiveness
Music and Lyrics by Alan

Sweet forgiveness, open the door.

Come like the ocean for rivers of pain
Like the shelter from the storm
Come like the sunshine after the rain
so love can be reborn


You have the power to wipe away shame
from the guilty and the poor 
Bring understanding in place of the blame
Bring the healing after the war


This is my prayer for a world full of hate,
self righteous anger and fear
Don't forsake justice but don't forsake love
Love and forgiveness... 

Sheet Music for this song (piano, guitar, bass, lyrics) is available for purchase in the ARTB Online Store.