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Alexander's Real Time Band: Photos

Alan Alexander III, May 2016 (photo by Frankie L)
ARTB: Whit Draper, Susan Peck, Alan Alexander III, Frankie L, Rihana Mungin (Dec 2015)
The amazing cast of 'Homeless (the musical)' backstage at Clinton Street Theater (Jan 2017) i-r Kyle Urban, Barbara Passolt, Bruce Jennings, Myles Lawrence, Sami Yacob-Andrus, Lindsay Reed
Susan showing off her heels at sound check (June 2014)
Sami Yacob-Andrus as Courtney in 'Homeless (the musical)'
Lauren Steele and James Dixon as Louise and Jimmy in 'Alan's Confectionery'
Alan and Frankie with Kate Moody and Billy Oskay at Big Red Studio (July 2014)
Jolie Clausen (drums) Whit (guitar, bass) and Alan back in PDX after a very successful weekend performance at KAH-NEE-TA
Kathryn Grimm, Scruff Kitty and Alan after a set at Artichoke  (Sept. 2014)
l-r Frankie L, Bruce Jennings, Lindsay Reed in 'Homeless (the musical)'
ZZ Rose as Ida Mae in 'Alan's Confectionery'
The Real-ettes headin' home from a gig on the coast. Oct 2013. Sarah 'Frankie' L (drums, voice) and Susan Peck (keyboards, voice)
Band photo from our hotel after a show at the Sand Trap in Gearhart, Oregon. Beauty facial did not work! (Susan, Alan, Frankie)

ARTB in Concert (photos by Dat Nguyen)

Alan on the Little Martin
The legendary Whit Draper on guitar
Professor Susan Peck on keys and voice
The mighty Sarah L on drums and voice
ARTB groovin' the house! (Whit, Sarah, Alan, Susan)
Alan on fretless electric bass
Great audience!
Alan and Susan
Whit and Sarah
Whit and Alan
Sarah and Susan
ARTB Summer Tour T Shirt logo
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