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Alexander's Real Time Band: Music/Video

Love of a Lifetime (beta mix preview)

(Alexander's Real Time Band)
January 19, 2014
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It's been years since I've written a love song. I've been kicking these chord changes around a long time as well. But the muse has finally given me something to sing with them.

We're getting closer to the final mix of this song.

JoEllen Legg: harmony vocals
Whit Draper: guitars
Sarah 'Frankie' Linderman: drums, harmony vocals
Alan Alexander III: piano, fretless bass, keyboards, lead and harmony vocals 

Music and Lyrics: Alan Alexander III

I've spent a lifetime looking for love
and watching it slip away
But then tomorrow comes new love
and a brand new day.

So long, so long
Love is behind me. Love lies ahead
Like the refrain of a song

How many times have I said hello
to a love who 'stole' my heart 
only to watch that sad love affair
as it falls apart


It's the love of a lifetime
It's the love of a lifetime
It's the love of a lifetime

I have a heart full of love for you
Love reaching up to the sky
So I am singing this song for you
as we say goodbye



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