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Alexander's Real Time Band: Music/Video

Remain in Light (live video featuring Felina's Arrow)

(Alexander's Real Time Band)

This is a live video of my original tune, 'Remain in Light' recorded in June of '08 at Artichoke. The video features Felicia Figueroa sitting in on bass and harmony vocals and the jazz vocal stylings of Poeina Suddarth

Remain in Light
Music and Words by Alan Alexander III

I’ve been thinking
about this life
And like every story
I know it will end
But I don’t know
where or why

All I can do
is try to be true
so my heart will remain
in light

I’ve been thinking
about this love
And through all the years
and all through the tears
it’s still you
I’m dreaming of


How many days
do I have left to roam?
How many miles
‘til I’m home?


Sheet Music for this song (piano, guitar, bass, lyrics) is available for purchase in the ARTB Online Store.