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Alexander's Real Time Band: Music/Video

After the Dog Days (studio master featuring Susan Peck)

(Alexander's Real Time Band)
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If you have caught us live, you have probably had the good fortune to hear Professor Susan Peck playing with us on keyboards and voice. Susan is also an excellent songwriter and we love covering her originals in live performance. Can you guess which heavenly event the lyrics refer to?

Meg Grace: tenor saxophone
Susan Peck: piano, voice
Sarah Linderman: cajon drum, cymbals
Whit Draper: guitar
Alan Alexander III: bass 

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After the Dog Days
Music and Lyrics by Susan Peck 

It must be August, 'cause Larry's crying again.
He comes flying out of Percy's, it 
Must be about three A.M. 
It's long past midnight.

Always happens this time of year
She wishes he wasn't such a damned 
Saint.  Ever since that incident over on 258th,
Larry cries in August.

And you might be slow in asking
Because it's likely none of your affair.
You might be slow in asking, but if you can
Spare a smoke, and set him up a fresh beer, he might be 

Swift to tell a sad story
Swift to tell you some lies 
Swift to tell his old glories
Swift to tell about her eyes 

That old Jesuit from China 
Was drinking brandy from a keg-- 
Lurking in a cold, dark alley 
For a hundred and thirty years. 

Next time he comes swinging around 
He'd better not be late 
There'll be hell to pay; she's been watching
Up all night.             

And you might be slow in asking...... 

He might be swift to tell......

It must be August 
Old dog ready for the hunt
Muggy days and moonless nights 
Larry's crying again

 Make a wish...