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Alexander's Real Time Band: Journal

More Summer Fun!! - July 25, 2009

It's taken me awhile to get this up, but above you will find a 10 minute video to give you a taste of what it was like at this years Oregon Country Fair (click on the image to start the video). There were literally hundreds of musicians performing at the Fair this year in all genres. Sarah and I had a blast listening and/or jamming with them.

No rest for the weary however, the summer has much more music in store. On August 1st we will begin a series of First Saturdays at the Flying Cat (check the calendar page for details). We hope to see you there. Live music venues in Portland need your support.

One final note. I have finally started using Twitter to spread the word about our gigs. The mailing list is still the best way to get updates (just enter your email address in the text box on the upper right hand of this page and click on 'join') but if you prefer you can follow Alexanders' Real Time Band on Twitter at or just subscribe to the Twitter #pdxmusic feed.

Till next time, all the best....-a

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Happy Independence Day - July 3, 2009

Last weekend I did one of the most important concerts of my life. I was playing for my newest granddaughter, Araelia. I know she loved it, because after the show we had to change her diaper! We also just finished our second annual Summer Solstice Concert at Artichoke Backgate Stage. Thanks to all that came to hear us play (a full house). Felina's Arrow put on a great set despite being up for 48 hours in the studio and on the highway the night before. I had so much fun playing bass on their set. I love their song writing. My band (pictured below) was none too shabby either. It was only our second performance as a trio. I look forward to many more.

Now it's off to the Country Fair (Venita, OR), Airplay Cafe (Portland, OR), The K Records/ Helsing Junction Sleep Over (Rochester, WA) and Doe Bay (Orcas Island, San Juan’s, WA). Check the calendar page for details. I hope to see you there.

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Flying Feline - June 6, 2009

Boy does the Flying Cat know how to throw a party! Susan and Tina pulled out all of the stops for this one. Free food, free wine, free pastries and (of course) great music! It was the official grand opening of the Flying Cat. It was also Susan's birthday so lot's of reason to celebrate.

It was also the world premiere of my new band!! I use the word 'band' loosely these days because everyone is so busy, there is no way to predict how often we will be able to all get together and play. But in my perfect world, these are the musicians that I hope will be there with me for many gigs to come.

I am speaking of Whit Draper (guitar and bass) and Sarah Linderman (cajon and percussion), both pictured above. Some of you may be familiar with Whit as the former guitar player for Back Porch Blues during the peak of their tenure on the music scene. Sarah is the current drummer for Felina's Arrow. The three of us have found a very cool sound that is fresh, unique and accessible (if I do say so myself :-)

Most of you reading this probably know that I usually perform alone as a solo artist (even though I bill the show as Alexander's Real Time BAND). I do enjoy the spontaneity and audience exchanges that go with that type of show but I also enjoy being able to work with other musicians and the variety that comes with group improvisation. Well now it feels like there really is a BAND. So don't be surprised if you come to a show and see this trio instead of just me. I think you'll have fun anyway.

Oh....and before I forget.... Let me give a shout out to guitar hero Hershel Yatovitz for sitting in with us last night. It was awesome!!

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Summer's Coming !! - May 25, 2009

Just got back from a weekend of sun and music up at the farm. Helsing Junction Farm, that is. Home of the annual Helsing Junction Sleepover and K Records Music Festival (August 21-23). The place is looking good. No sign of the floods that consumed the valley for the last 2 years. Expect a rockin' festival this year thanks to the hard work of the Helsing Junction crew, including Jared Snyder (pictured with me above, next to his faithful K9 companion, Taxi)

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Spring Notes - May 3, 2009

The show at Star E Rose for the April 2009 Last Thursday Art Walk was lots of fun. Always a colorful street scene, the overflow that caught our 2 sets seemed to enjoy themselves. I want to give a special shout out to the mighty Sarah Linderman for doing the entire show with me and rockin’ the house. We both had a blast. I look forward to playing with her again soon (for sure at the Artichoke show in June).

Last Sunday a group of friends and musicians got together to remember our dear friend Jeffery Dawkins (pictured above), who passed away almost exactly a year ago, April 29 2008. It was a small but fun gathering with good food and, of course, music. Rest in Peace, Jeffrey. May sweet music caress your spirit.

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One more for the road - March 8, 2009

The show at Hawthorne Theater last week was both sweet and sad for me. On the one hand, it was a blast to play with both Felina's Arrow (pictured above) and the mighty Quadraphonnes in the same evening. But is was sad knowing that this was one of the last shows for Felina's Arrow before moving to Arizona.
We have been close musical allies for the past 3 years and I'm gonna miss them like crazy. But they will be touring and we do have a show planned for summer solstice at Artichoke Music. So it's not goodbye, just so long for now.

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'Smoke Another Day' on You Tube - February 11, 2009

A few years ago, I composed and performed the musical score for this short comedy secret agent spoof of a movie. The movie and music were written, shot, scored and produced in 48 hours as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival. The film director just put it on You Tube last week. Check it out.

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Happy New Year !!! - January 11, 2009

It was almost a year ago to the day that I set up this web site to track my performance activities as Alexander's Real Time Band (ARTB). 2008 was a great year for ARTB with performances at Artichoke Music, the Oregon Country Fair (Venita, OR), the K Records Fest/Helsing Junction Sleepover (Rochester, WA) and Doe Bay (Orcas Island), just to name a few.

I have also had a chance to perform with some of my favorite musicians including, Angela Pope, Felina's Arrow, Jared Snyder, Court Crawford and the legendary Hershel Yatovitz.

Speaking of Hershel, his new CD, 'HY Time', was released right before Christmas and it sounds great (and I am not saying that just because I sing on 2 of the tracks). For those of you who don't know, Hershel is the long time lead guitar player for pop singer Chris Isaak. This is Hersh's debut solo record so be sure to check it out on CD Baby.

I am in the process of putting together my 2009 calendar. Artichoke, the Oregon Country Fair, Doe Bay and Helsing Junction will most certainly be in the mix again this year (and a bunch of new venues as well). I hope to see you at a show or two but whatever you do, have a healthy and happy new year.

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Social Networking - December 13, 2008

It seems like everyone is social networking via the net these days. I have purposely avoided My Space but I recently created a Face Book presence (search for 'Alexander's Realtimeband).

More importantly, I also recently created a social networking site for folks like me who enjoy original music in an intimate setting. I call the site Singer Songwriters Network and the web address is
If you enjoy the kind of stuff I do in my solo show or if you like singer songwriters in general or if you are a songwriter yourself, visit the site and sign up. You can share info on your favorite artist or promote your own shows. You can blog, chat, post to your hearts content and perhaps get turned on to some new music in the process. Have fun!! -a '

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Odetta Remembered - December 11, 2008

An old friend of mine (Thanks, Karen!) just turned me on to a wonderful video piece by the New York Times about the late and legendary singer, Odetta (click here to view). Enjoy!!

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Doe Bay Mi - October 16, 2008

I just finished my set at the Doe Bay Resort in the San Juans and it was lots o' fun. There was a full house of Orcas Island locals and resort visitors. The food was gourmet and the audience was very engaged. These types of audiences make all the difference for me as a solo performer. When the audience is with you, the music is that much stronger. And the staff was also top notch. If you were there and you are reading this blog let me say 'Thank you' sincerely (especially to Fabrice and Freddie).

My CDs and DVDs are now available for sale in the Doe Bay General Store and they have invited me to perform there in 2009. Look here for more details as they become available.

Doe Bay is a great place to visit and chill. In addition to great food and vistas, there is hiking, a spa with massage, hot tubs, sauna and general good vibes. Check it out next time you find yourself in the San Juan Islands.

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Helsing Sleepover - Take me to the River - August 28, 2008

The 2008 Helsing Junction Sleepover and K Records Music Festival (August 15-17) was a great success. The weather was hot, the river was cool, the food was organic, the movies were eye catching and the music was awesome. The organizers say over 500 folks made their way to the farm over the weekend (some shown above). So we were able to raise a little more $$$ for flood relief (yeah!!).

My favorite acts this year were Lake and Mirah. Lake has a new album of original pop songs that is very, very catchy. This could be their year. I also had a blast backing up Jared Snyder on bass during his set. He played a little guitar on my set as well (thanks, Jared).

This is still my favorite event of the summer and I look forward to performing there again next year (if the creek don't raise).

This show wraps up my summer season. Now it's time for fall and winter studio work. Looking forward to new tunes and a new record for next spring and summer. Check Dub Squad Music, BMI during the coming months for more details on how that work is going. Thanks for listening!! -a

Long Live the Oregon Country Fair !!!!! - July 17, 2008

So much fun!! Great music. Great art. Great food. Thanks to all who came to hear my set(s). Thanks also to the SH Crew and Community Village for hosting my performances. Click above to see my report on this years Fair!

Helsing Junction recovers slowly from December Flood to prepare for Summer Music Festival - July 6, 2008

I just returned from Helsing Junction Farm to see how the place is recovering from last winters devastating flood. Click here to watch the video. There has been lot of progress but still more work to be done. This year proceeds from the Helsing Junction Sleepover and K Records Music Festival (August 15-17) will go to flood relief for the victims. It's a great cause benefiting regional farmers as well as home owners. Mark your calendars. You will have lots of fun and help others in the process. I hope to see you there!

Summer Solstice is Coming - June 13, 2008

I am very excited about the show I have coming up on June 21st. I'll be doing a double bill with my good friends Felicia and Poeina, AKA Felina's Arrow. If you haven't heard their music yet (or even if you have) you are in for a treat. I first heard them playing at the Farrmer's Market in downtown Portland about 4 years ago when they first blew through town. I have been a big fan ever since. Now they live here and the local music scene is all the better for it.

We will each be doing a set. We have also been rehearsing a few songs we can do together (just for this show) so even loyal fans will get a taste of something new.

Not only do I get to play with my friends but we get to do it in my favorite Portland listening venue, Artichoke Backgate Stage. The venue is all ages and smoke free. The audience and the acoustics are great. It's a great room for music lovers.

This show just might sell out so be sure to come early to make sure you get a seat. Visit the calendar page for venue address and show time.

Memorial for Jeffrey Dawkins - June 3, 2008

There is a memorial for our late friend Jeffrey Dawkins planned for June 28th. See the calendar for more details.

Farewell to a friend - May 10, 2008

Jeffrey Thomas Dawkins died at around 12:51 pm April 29, 2008.

Four of his friends stood around him holding his hands and letting him go. Jeffrey died peacefully and appeared utterly at rest.

more music on planet earth! - April 21, 2008

Greetings Earthlings!

In honor of Earth Day, I want to share with you a very moving (at least for me) Flash video I discovered the other day on the web. It's called 'The Story of Stuff' and it has me rethinking a lot of things about my lifestyle as it relates to the planet. The URL is . It's about 20 minutes long and it helps to have a broadband connection. If you like it, please share it with as many folks as possible.

And now for the commercial: I had so much fun at the Star E Rose 'Last Thursday' gig last month that I have decided to do it again. I will be starting a little later this time (like 7:30 PM) to coincide with the flow of the Art Walk patrons.

This will probably be my last show in Portland before the Summer Solstice concert with Felina's Arrow in June (visit for details).

Thanks for listening and be kind to your Mother (Earth).

Hershel Yatovitz makes guest appearance with Alan at Star E Rose - March 28, 2008

The show last night at Star E Rose was a blast ! The highlight of the evening was the guest appearance of guitar virtuoso Hershel Yatovitz ( for the second set. I first became aware of Hershel about a year ago while watching Austin City Limits on PBS. He was performing as the lead guitar player for pop singer Chris Isaak (a gig he has had for over a decade). I was blown away by his performance and as fate would have it, two weeks later we met each other for the first time at a party. As it turns out, even though he tours and performs all over the planet with Chris and other rock luminaries, he lives right here in Portland. We have since become fast friends. It was an honor and a gas playing with him last night. The audience loved it too. This guy can play the guitar! Check out the photo on my gallery page at .

Award Winning Portland Blues Musician Hospitalized - March 7, 2008

Portland musician/producer, Jeffrey Dawkins is currently hospitalized and facing major uninsured medical expenses.

Jeff''s condition has stabilized after a close call a couple of days ago. He is still in critical condition. He is now entering his 3rd week of hospitalization.

Fund raising efforts are starting up. Visit for details on how you can help.

St. Louis Bound - February 17, 2008

As I write this I am on the Empire Builder train heading toward Chicago. The final destination is St. Louis. It's Mom's birthday and I am going to help her celebrate. We are traveling somewhere through eastern Washington right now and it's pitch black out my window. But the accommodations are awesome. I have a deluxe sleeper cabin on this train. It's very cush. It's a 3 day trip by train but I have provisions and entertainment and all of you to keep me company (via this blog).

St. Louis is my hometown and I have some catching up to do with family and friends. I hope to document some more oral history from senior family members while I am there. I also have a couple of house concerts set up that I am looking forward to.

But I am really disappointed that I am missing the Portland Jazz Festival. It's going to be great this year. If you are in Portland be sure to get out and support it. That's the only way to make sure it's there next year. If you are wondering which shows to catch, let me give a big plug for my sister Mary Sue Tobin. She is all over the PDX Jazz Fest this year. For more info visit . Her dates are also posted in the guest book of this site, .

I will been posting here a few more times on this trip. If you have any comments you can post them in the guest book. In the meantime, get out and support live music!


KMHD 89.1 FM adds 'The River' to their playlist - February 1, 2008

Tune in to KMHD 89.1 FM in Portland and you just might hear my tune, 'The River'. It's been added to their new release playlist. You can listen to KMHD on the web anywhere on planet Earth at
Of course you can also hear the tune right here at

Another great show from Felina's Arrow - January 20, 2008

I got a chance to catch a set of Felina's Arrow last night at the Langano Lounge in SE Portland. It was a great show as usual. They had Sailor Banks sitting in on stand up bass, guitar and keys. She did a great job of adding texture to Felina's song book.

Felina's Arrow continues impress with the quality of their music. I am looking forward to our summer solstice show together. -a

Thanks Artichoke! - January 18, 2008

I want to give a shout out to Artichoke Community Music in Portland Oregon (SE 31st and Hawthorne). My show there at the Backgate Stage last week was SO MUCH FUN !!!! What a great audience they have there. The place was packed and there were at least a dozen folk trying to get in for most of the evening; not to see me so much as just to get into the room. It's a great 'listening room' as one performer put it. They don't sell alcohol, there is no smoking, all ages are welcome. In short, there is no reason to come there EXCEPT to listen to music. That's why audiences and performers love the room so much.

I just posted an audio clip (MP3) from my last show there on the music page of this site. I have a couple of more shows booked there in the not too distant future. Check the calendar page on this site for more details.

Later, -a

Happy New Year !! - January 9, 2008

Say Hey!

Welcome to the new site. I put this site together to focus on my activities as a performing artist. You can look here for calendar info, links to other performing artists, blogs about the shows, live recordings or to join the mailing list. My other web site, is focused on the activities of the publishing company (Dub Squad Music, BMI), like what's happening in the studio and what new releases are forthcoming from the DSM crew.

I wanted to separate the two so that my personal escapades on stage don't detract from the 'serious' work that goes on at DSM ;-)

I want to give a shout out to Host Baby (where this site is hosted) for providing musicians an inexpensive easy resource for creating a web presence. I have been developing web sites since the CERN spec that created the web was released in the mid 90's. Still, I find this hosting service and the tools provided to be perfect for any musician no matter what skill level or experience you have with the web. Why?

1. Host Baby is NOT (to the best of my knowledge) owned by a giant global media corporation and there is no need to associate your music with unrelated advertising (did someone say My Space?)
2. All the tools you need for calendaring, blogging, networking and audio posting have been created for you.
3. It's part of a community of, by and for musicians. There is a lot of support here.

Just for the record, no one at CD Baby or Host Baby paid me to say that. I am just another satisfied customer.

That's enough outta me for now.

Happy New Year! -alan
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